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The empty space

A couple of months ago we lost our beloved Dida, our mothers’ mother. When I lose someone from my life, I have a ritual of committing to paper all the memories before they grow dim in my mind. This is one of those ritual drawings.

For all the cousins: Rishi, Ribhu, Reshmi, Ruby, Nikon, Bimbo, Josh-da, Mishti-di, Babun-da, Pushan-da, Raja-da, Ruchi-di, Rinku-di, Badshah-da and Tupshi.


Bengali words

Hall-ghar: the big room, literally the hall
Adda: A gathering for gossip, among other things. Wikipedia definition
Taash: cards
Kodbel: A fruit
Putiram: a sweet shop
Eecha: A sweet made with coconut in the shape of prawns from East Bengal
Cheet: A gur candy probably invented by my Dida
Patla Dal with kaalo jeera: Watery dal made in the East Bengal way
Daler Bora, Daler Paturi: Dishes made with lentils, from East Bangal
Mourala Maachch: Tiny fish from the Bay of Bengal


13 thoughts on “The empty space

  1. Quite touching!! May she rest in peace. Those shoes are too big.

    We lose a big part of our growing-up-cultural-exposures with our grandparents 😦


  2. Gunjan says:

    I look forward to your drawings! Lovely memories! and so true about the delicacies which are not made anymore. Reminds me of my Nani, who is alive, but too far from me.


  3. Josh says:

    Took be back to college street! We were all so fortunate to have the time with Dida – endless memories, hortoki, dim shedo Alu shedo, shin papri!

    Thanks Soo


  4. Reshmi says:

    Kuts Di, it is also the first time I’ve seen drawings of all the cousins. I could clearly recognize you, Tupshi, Nikon da and josh da. Need help figuring out the others!


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