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Saturday morning dates

Like a lot of couples, we’d done date nights before. After Orin was born, we converted them to Saturday morning dates.

Life after -2

“I was happy because all I wanted to do was to be cool in a cool place.”

And this one is from another day.

Life after -2b


Earth day 2014


To honor Earth Day this year, I switched from paper cups to a ceramic mug to drink coffee at work.

Also, when I take coffee breaks, I go and look at some greenery. Those hedges has thus become friends and I sometimes have a conversation with them.


Today I held forth on the coffee I drink. Earlier it was this way:

1/4 espresso, 1/2 hot water

Now in the new cup, 1/4 espresso, 3/4 hot water

So basically same amount coffee, only more water. I believe they call it “long black”.


So win-win for everyone – same coffee, but lasts longer. And the Earth is a miniscule bit happier, hopefully.

Thanks to Girish for the idea for this post.