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From the terrace of a house in Jaisalmer Fort. We traveled on an empty train through the coldest night over the desert to Jaisalmer, but the view of the fort at sunrise really made it worthwhile!

We went to have dinner at Nachana Haveli, which had great food, and a chatty owner who showed us around his whole house and his tiger skins and bear skin rugs!

(overheard: a little British girl wanted to dance for a living like the Rajasthani performers there)

From the stairs of the raja’s palace in the fort. Many conversations with many people, and the lady who owns 8 July. I also ended up meeting a user of ibibo!

Some of the stuff from the famous Salim Singh ki Haveli. Our guide was awesome, and he made the whole story come alive.

The fort from the entrance where we also got compliments for our drawings! (and I had some fabulous pasta at the desi Little Italy just inside the entrance!)