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Journaling in the age of social media

A few years ago I was finding it very difficult to be on social media.

I’d always used social media as a kind of journal to some extent, but with different identities crafted for each network, it was no wonder that I was feeling stretched.

I felt a constant struggle of selves, between authenticity, and the carefully crafted brand images everyone seemed to have.

Ultimately I followed Steve Jobs’ strategy when he took over Apple the second time (hahaha) – to cut back and simplify, and focus on the fundamentals.

Curious though – have you felt this way? How did you deal with it?


One thought on “Journaling in the age of social media

  1. Aditi Roy Ghatak says:

    Well, I do not consider my social media posts as anything other than sharing what I am reading or thinking about; anything that will be of interest to my rather diverse FB family. That ensures authenticity. One would suffer quandaries if one wanted to brand oneself — which is a perfectly legitimate purpose under the aegis of social media — and have to think hard about what to post. I think you are brand already. Feel free to share your world of experiences if you want to. Don’t get constrained by the dos and the don’ts.

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