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Last year’s Bhimtal trip

We drove out one weekend to Bhimtal, not too far from Delhi. Click on the images to see larger sizes.


There were no other visitors that weekend (lovely), so no people to draw (not so lovely).


So these are all the people we saw: a nimbu-paani-wala at Sattal Lake with his variety of citrus fruit.


And our boatman on Sattal Lake.


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The children of the village

So, another day we went to Dhordo village in Kutch to meet some of the craftsmen.

While everyone was admiring the crafts, I went to draw the kids sitting outside and making bead necklaces. Each of them make and sell their own handicrafts to earn pocket money. While I was drawing, all of them gathered around and then took turns for me to draw them one by one!


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Digging in Kutch

A couple of weeks ago the brown boy and I went to visit an excavation site in Kutch.
m0001We flew to Ahmedabad and then went on by road to Nakhatrana, a village in the Bhuj district.
The trip was organized by Anita and Udaya who run India Adventure Curry.

The site was estimated to be from the Mature Harappan age, between 2700-2200 B.C. We learnt that it was probably a pit stop for travellers, who would come and stay for a few days, mostly with cattle, and would use a barter system to pay for goods and services.


The team was quite small, a few Phd students and a few Archeology students. Here they are hard at work. This is Solmaz with the spade, who’s come from Iran
And this is another student, Sutapa

Archeology is an admirable profession, when viewed from up close.




BB: So what will you do with all the antiquities that you’ve found?

P: Whatever we don’t need for our documentation we’ll bury it. So that in the distant future if anyone excavates it, they’ll learn about us…


I was reading Why be happy when you can be normal on this trip. And on P/114 J.W. writes (in a different context, but nevertheless) “Yes, the past is another country, but one that we can visit, and once there, bring back the things we need.”


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Chinese new year

This year I spent Chinese new year with yet another aunt and uncle – Bengalis have many, many uncles and aunts each – and their Chinese friend Wayang. We went to a restaurant called Mayflower. It was rather exotic.


And in between all the eating and drinking and talking, which I totally enjoyed, I managed to quickly make this drawing.

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Calm in the air, part 4, Lake Vembanad

Calm in the air | Calm in the air, Kochi and Silent Valley | Calm in the air, Silent Valley and Alapuzzha

We took a local ferry from Aleppy to Kottayam, on Lake Vembanad. It was absolutely breathtaking.
The ferry would stop at these villages, every few minutes or so – just like bus stops – and people would get on and off. To tourists like me who’d never been to Kerala it was really new.
We passed hundreds of houseboats, and here is Anirudh telling us to read an article about Kerala later on –
And there were tons of birds – and I kept drawing and drawing trying to capture their motion
And amid all this beauty, someone was snoozing away

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Sketching in the sun

Last month we went on a little holiday to Goa. First we visited Marvin & Ellie in their beautiful home in Panjim.

We then went south to Palolem to meet up with some other friends.

The anteater came as well, spouting William Blake.