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Skitch drawings

I am about to reveal a hitherto unseen side of my personality with this post. You know what they say to new travelers on Indian Railways? You can talk of cricket and Bollywood, but never venture into politics, religion and caste. So it is with inktales. I talk of poetry and personal eccentricities, but never about design or technology. Most of my friends and family don’t know what a techie I really am underneath this ditsy exterior.
The point of this fascinating revelation is to show you some drawings I did with Skitch on my phone using my index finger. Yes, that finger is very important. Most touch apps for drawing don’t have very good precision. And what’s more, I drew these while traveling on the Delhi Metro on my way home from work and then Skitch saved them seamlessly on the cloud through Evernote. (And that’s one more reason why Evernote is one of my favorite apps.)

Update: If you used Chrome to arrive here through the Facebook link you’ll probably see an ad below. Chrome or some other unauthorized party has hacked into my account and placed the ad without my knowledge. Until I get this fixed please bear with me. inktales will always remain ad-free.