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Calm in the air, part 1

We recently went for a holiday down south. On the way we stopped by in Bangalore, at our friends’ Anirudh and Mishta’s lovely home.

I packed in a rush and ended up looking like a mule.

This is Mishta (almost)

and this is Anirudh from the back.

A good time was had by all.

And between all this we also managed to visit Malleswaram where I fell in love with all the pumpkins.

Part 2 coming next.


Mini break

Some sketches from our weekend trip to Kesroli. We stayed in a real 14th century fort that is now a hotel.

(The brown boy is reading The Beekeeper’s Apprentice.)

This is the view around the fort, which was on a hill in the middle of a valley surrounded by other hills. Just like Mordor.
I’m reading This is not the end of the book.

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Sketching in the sun

Last month we went on a little holiday to Goa. First we visited Marvin & Ellie in their beautiful home in Panjim.

We then went south to Palolem to meet up with some other friends.

The anteater came as well, spouting William Blake.

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The brown boy in Paris

The brown boy had a fantastic time in Paris last summer.

He began by showing off the only word in his French vocabulary…
Then, he found posters of his favorite bande dessinées auteurs and ate les moules frites

He loved the quaint hotel on the top floor in Montmatre, and soon got used to walking up the hill

Charmed by the Mona Lisa, despite the crowds of Japanese tourists and their cameras, and inspired by Van Gogh,

he spent days drawing in cafés and only pausing to see some of the sights –

I think he will agree that we got enough inspiration for at least a year.

sketchbook, travels

Trip to Mcleodganj

A few weeks ago we took a tiny holiday and went to Mcleodganj in the hills where the Dalai Llama stays.

We were staying at Cloud’s End, a lovely estate between Dharmsala (the lower town) and Mcleodganj (the upper town)

Most of the days were spent hiking up to Mcleodganj.

These two monks spent most of their days in the cafes, we used to meet them every day

Then the monsoon arrived.

**bhajjias – potato fritters
**langurs – monkeys

**It was Lord Dalhousie I think, not Elgin.

Then I stopped drawing.