From Novembers past

And just like that we’re in November 2020. From the blog archives I find that Novembers have either been prolific with travel and conferences or dry and desolate as the Gobi desert. Here are 3 favorites ones over 2006-2019.

This is from 12 year ago, about missing the brown boy when I lived in Sweden: Why Skype isn’t enough

and this one is about a color: A ray of grey from 2011.

Parenting, and your sense of self from 2017 is a letter written to myself, trying to find myself after becoming a mother.


Old posts from Octobers

I see that Octobers have been a little low for inktales.

In 2009, a journal of tristesse – filled with Conversations with the Anteater:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 7
Part 8

In 2008, I happily drew The Big Joshi, ate a lot of yummy Swedish godis and introduced the culture of the Bengalis (Ray Babu’r Ekdin) to my classmates.

In 2006, a month of journeys and meetings.
An old flame from an old sketchbook.
Dia and I went to Amritsar.
Viv and I bumped into friends everywhere.


In Augusts past

I’m not sure if you like these self-referential posts, but I think they help new visitors find some old, but nice, posts on inktales.

Anyway, here’s what I have done in Augusts past:


Blogging the Paris journals – Day 02 | Day 09

Leaving, sadly | Thinking of love | Reading Toothpicks and Logos


Mourning my dead Nokia phone


My mother’s new ringtone


Nothing to speak of.

2006 (Click on the images to see larger sizes)

Some things haven’t changed | A commissioned work on sexual harassment | My first animation film, 2001 |

Some pages from my Alphabet book, which you can buy here (though royalties are pending for years)

Writing I am… | Wish – that’s probably one talent lost

Some sleepy drawings

I can hardly recognize this girl.


Years ago on inktales

In May 2006

I moved to Delhi, and began this blog to share my sketchbooks with my friends back in Bombay.

The anteater had made his first appearance.

In May 2007

I was appreciating married men

In May 2008
Documenting how we ended up together

In May 2009
I was Struggling with schoolwork
and Not answering the phone

In May 2010
Enjoying the Spring in Sweden
Motivating myself, and Completing my masters.